Last year, the local area high schools introduced a new and easier process for completing the health history forms required for sport participation, called e-PPE (electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation). e-PPE replaced the paper-based forms with an electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation solution for submitting and managing health information. Privit Profile™ is compliant with international privacy laws, including HIPAA and COPPA, ensuring your child’s information is secure. This new process will help us increase the health and safety of student athletes and enhance the security and accessibility of the health information when needed.

Below are step-by-step instructions for completing a Privit account for your student athlete.  Completing the online information will take about 30-45 mins to complete.  You will need student insurance information and medical history on hand before beginning.

Creating a Parent Account
Go to
Click ‘Register’
Enter All Required Parent Information (blanks with an *)
Check the box ‘I have read & agree to the Terms of Use’ (after reading)
Click ‘Sign Up’

Creating a Parent Signature
Click ‘Account Settings’
Click ‘Manage Your E-Signature’
Click ‘Create New Signature’
Create your signature on the black line located in the box
Click ‘Save’
Click ‘Home’

Adding your Student Athlete
Click ‘Add Member’
Enter All Required Student Athlete Information
Click box for ‘Enable Login’
--- Enter Student Athlete Email Address & Password (must be different then parent)
Click ‘Add Member’

Adding your Student Athlete Family History, Medical History, and Immunizations
Select your Athlete
Click ‘Emergency Info’
 --- Enter All Required Contact Information.  Click ‘Next’
 --- Enter All Required Insurance Information (Subscriber is Insurance Carrier)
Click ‘Save & Exit’
Click ‘Pre-Participation History Form’
--- Enter All Required (*) Information
Click Submit
Click ‘Sign’
--- Click the I Attest Box
--- Click ‘Sign Document’
--- Click ‘Done’

You will repeat same instructions for:
--- Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
--- Consent for Athletic Participation

--- TSSAA Concussion Form

Click Joined Teams ‘Update’ and choose all teams that athlete could participate in
Click Athlete Signature at the bottom
--- Click Create New E-Signature

--- Sign the Line
--- Click box to Attest
--- Click Save
Click Home
On each form you will click ‘Student/Athlete click here to sign’
--- Attest and Sign
--- Click Done
When ALL documents are complete with both Parent and Student Signature, you can scroll to the top of the page, click your name in the blue line, and choose Log Out.