Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays FROM 6-8:30PM beginning on Tuesday, May 30th. These will consist of 1 hour of drills, position specific work, and conditioning. The other hour will be in the weight room. We will NOT have morning workouts, ONLY EVENING workouts. If a Player is going to miss, he must communicate with me before he misses to get approval. If there is an emergency, then the Player just needs to communicate with me after.  We encourage our players to play other sports. If a player is missing because of another sport at Bradley, then he will be excused.


Dead Period means that coaches are not allowed to have any contact with players concerning football per TSSAA. This is when we encourage families to take vacations. Once dead period is over the season is basically here.  Dead Period lasts from JUNE 23rd- JULY 9th. We will begin MANDATORY Practice on July 10th at 6:00pm – 8:30pm.


We are switching to an online physical service. You just create a parent account and a player account. Once you have this account done, then our trainer will scan the information into players file. SEE HAND OUT!!


If your son gets injured, then you must see our trainer, Keresa. She will give treatment and if you need to see the Dr she will schedule a visit. We do have a supplemental insurance. It does not cover 100% of medical bills, but does help with what your insurance doesn’t cover. When injured, player must fill out a form and return so we can file with insurance company within 90 days.


Starting July 10th, practice will be 5 days a week, Monday-Friday 6-8:30PM. Players must be at practice unless excused by the head coach. Football practice will be the priority over any other sport. We will be participating vs other teams in 7 on 7 competitions.  This will consist of skill players. Not everyone will go. Our schedule is on

 - Time s will be announced later

July 14th @ Soddy Daisy
July 15th  @Baylor
July 16th @ UTC –  ALL DAY
July 20th @ Ringgold
July 21st @ Heritage Ga

 July 25th – First day of FULL PADS

July 30th – 5 way Scrimmage @ Bradley

August 9th - @ Farragut Scrimmage



Can print invoices off website – under FORMS*

Field Signs – If you have a contact with any field sign, feel free to renew.  If you know of anyone wanting to purchase a sign, then we ecourage that as well.

2)Program Ads – We have a sponsor that will print programs for free, so all ads will be straight profit for program.

3)Card Sell – After Dead Period. Every player is asked to sell 20 cards. When a player sells 20 cards, then they will receive teams shorts, T-shirt, Compression shirt and cleats. If a player sells 30, they will also receive sweat suit. If a player sells over 40 cards they will receive $100 OF Nike gear. Top 5 sellers get Nike gear 1st - $500,2nd - $400, 3rd - $300, 4th - $200, and 5th $100.

4)Golf Tournament – Mickey is charge. During season, on off week.

5)Pancake Breakfast

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